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SugarHouse Pies are unsurpassed in Frozen Pie Quality


The taste you love and the convenience you need from SugarHouse Pies.
As one of the top frozen pie bakers in America, SugarHouse Pies has exactly what you need for your holiday season. The reviews for our pies confirm our quality as customers from across the Nation have raved about the taste of our frozen pies. We have listened to reviews and fine-tuned our recipes to provide amazing quality in each product. Our frozen pies make it easy to serve a delicious pie at any Thanksgiving Dinner. You'll be glad to know that our desserts don't require hours in the kitchen; only a few simple steps to serve a pie with amazing crust, large pieces of fruit, and traditional, as well as unique flavors. 

Reviews of our Frozen Pies

"The frozen pie we bought from SugarHouse Pies completed my Thanksgiving feast. After spending all day in the kitchen with the turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and rolls, it was a relief to let someone else provide the pumpkin pie. I had heard they were great tasting pies, but they went beyond my expectations! The pie was even better than if I had made it myself. My guests were very happy."

-Kelly Weeks, St. George, UT.

"I had to coordinate the pie for our company party this year, and there was no way I could have made enough pie for everyone. SugarHouse Pies saved our party with their thaw and serve frozen pies. Everyone loved them, and I didn't have to spend my week in the kitchen."

-Marcy Wilson, Boulder, CO.


A common theme through the reviews of our pies is that they simplify event planning and preparation without sacrificing any quality. Because of the outstanding reviews our frozen pies bring in, we are considered one of the top frozen pie suppliers in the nation. Don't hesitate, order enough pies for your loyal customers today!