The SugarHouse Story


SugarHouse Pies is more than just another frozen dessert company. We are a company founded on a belief that our pies should be full of the same flavor, creativity and love that Grandma puts into her home-made pies! SugarHouse Pies is proud to offer your family and friends creative flavor profiles and unique pies that you can enjoy while creating some of your best memories. These quality standards are beyond what you see from a "manufacturer."

As a leading supplier, SugarHouse Pies strives to provide our customers with delicious home-style pies with less time spent in the kitchen. As a result of our many years of experience in the baking industry SugarHouse Pies has quickly emerged as a preferred dessert provider by avoiding mistakes made by other manufacturers! Our commitment to quality and our unique product offerings will continue to set our pies apart and keep you coming back for more!

Why SugarHouse


Through the years we have utilized feedback and ideas from our customers to create the flavor profiles, and presentations that they are looking for, while never forgetting quality. This helped us to become a premier frozen dessert supplier.

We also pride ourselves on our production techniques as a preferred frozen dessert manufacturer to guarantee that each of our frozen pies are produced with the same quality and taste you would expect in a home style pie.

As a preferred supplier, our dough mixing and baking techniques guarantee a flaky pastry crust with every pie. Our pie fillings are gently folded together using only the freshest fruit and ingredients we can purchase, to ensure we deliver the home style pie your family and friends deserve. We are bakers, not just another manufacturer.


Our Selection


Our pie selection at SugarHouse Pies was designed to provide our customers with the seasonal desserts you require. For example, how about celebrating the President’s Day or the Fourth of July holidays with one of our Red, White and Blue pies – it's three pies in one! With equal sections of Cherry, Apple and Berry fruit filling under our flaky hand laid lattice dough strips. As a preferred supplier, our premium frozen pie offerings will have all of your dessert needs covered throughout the year.

Our tender flaky pastry dough combined with the best ingredients we can buy creates SugarHouse premium frozen pies for any occasion.  We also have your seasonal desserts needs covered.  Premium frozen pies supplier for any occasion as seasonal desserts that are better quality than what you get from a manufacturer. 


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