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Quality Frozen Pies

Most frozen pie bakers claim to have the best quality. When you sit down to enjoy our flavorful SugarHouse Pies, you'll quickly realize why we say: "The proof is in the pastry."

What is it that makes SugarHouse frozen pies the best?

  • We put an extreme focus on the statement "the proof is in the pastry." We produce our pastry dough with old-fashioned, double armed Italian dough mixers.
  • Our pie filling are gently folded together using only the freshest fruit and ingredients we can purchase, to ensure we deliver the home-style pie your family and friends deserve. 
  • Our presentation is always important to ensure the best reaction from your guests.
  • We have slowed our production techniques to ensure each pie is produced with the tasteful ingredients you, your family, and your friends have come to expect. With beautifully crafted and home-style presentations, our pies are guaranteed to be the talk of your party.

Frozen Pies that would make Grandma proud

When Americans talk about frozen pie quality, one of the most common things they say is that: "it didn't taste as good as it looked on the box." This was a situation that SugarHouse Pies set out to remedy in an effort to become the provider of the best, most flavorful frozen pies in America. Our pie bakers, with their many years of experience, decided that a pie should taste as good as it looks on the outside packaging. SugarHouse Pies was so passionate about this concept that we even went as far as to create the highest quality packaging we could envision so that our pies would "stop your shopping cart."

If your guests like quality pie, they will love the taste of SugarHouse Pies.